Why Weave Connection?
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Written by mario
Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Greater Everglades ... Why Weave Connection?


Imagine a Local Foodshed that grows healthy people, prosperous and resilient communities, thriving family farms and food-related businesses, and promises real restoration for the Greater Everglades…


  We live in a totally unique region of the United States... 

We are the  4th largest urban  area (Miami-Ft. Lauderdale) within the largest subtropical wilderness (The Greater Everglades ecosystem) whose farms are the top exporters of winter vegetables and a rich variety of subtropical fruits...


So Why...

Why is the vast majority of the food we eat imported ?


Why is our food making us and our children sick (obesity and diabetes)?


Why do we lack access to fruits and vegetables in many of our communities (“urban food deserts”)?

Why is the use of water and chemicals for agriculture so degrading to the health of the Greater Everglades ecosystem? 

We can do better...We MUST!

  Not so very long ago (before 1950), all food systems were local...

Join Earth Learning in re-imagining our foodshed...



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