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Written by mario
Tuesday, 20 November 2012
Permaculture Apprenticeship Program
The Community FoodWorks Apprenticeship is a unique and extraordinary opportunity to learn valuable and relevant skills, discovering and following your passions,  and enjoying the process  creating your own life's work in a learning community setting.
Warning: An Apprenticeship is a serious commitment of time, energy, and focus...for six months. We will work closely with applicants to tailor the experience to your needs and unfolding interests.
The Apprenticeship experience is designed to meet people where they are. We invite you meet some of our Apprentice Graduates. There are three levels. It is usually advised for applicants to consider the Beginner level first, unless you have considerable experience. We encourage all participants to grow their way through the program, whenever possible.
Apprenticeship levels
Beginner Apprenticeships are an excellent way for those with no farming or growing experience to find their place in the local agricultural economy. Beginner Apprentices work under the guidance of Apprentices in carrying out projects in a variety of locations. Cost: $1,000 for 320 hours of training.
Farmer Apprenticeships are unique opportunities for those with limited farming and growing experience to be exposed to permaculture applied to a wide range of urban agricultural practices. Farm Apprentices work under the guidance of Managerial Apprentices in carrying out projects in a variety of locations. In some cases, Farm Apprentices who demonstrate interest and dedication in continuing with Community FoodWorks will have the opportunity to advance into the Managerial Apprenticeship positions.
Managerial Apprenticeships offer experienced farmers and growers the opportunity to share their existing skills and develop new skills in permaculture design and managing Farm Apprentices and Interns from a variety of backgrounds.  Managerial Apprentices are central to the operation of Community FoodWorks, and are encouraged to operate with relative autonomy in defining and carrying out the projects they focus on with their apprentice teams. Pre-requisite: Completing a Managerial Apprenticeship.

Please read each Apprenticeship Description carefully, as each level requires different types of commitments and have different benefits. We will work with you to assure that you begin at the appropriate level.

Application Process
We are currently taking applications for the Beginner Apprenticeships.

1. Application
The Application (also in Word format) must be completed and submitted by December 1st for the January 2nd 2014 start date!  

2. Interview
We will set up a time to meet you and speak with, so we may determine if this experience is right for you and to to better meet your needs.

3. Visit
We encourage prospective Apprentices to visit our Learning Centers and projects at any point in the process to get a better idea of what is involved; as you get closer to a start date, it is highly recommended that you join us in activities and incorporating yourself into our Learning Community.

4. Initial Experience (optional)
If you have little or no experience with farming and/or farm-related activities or not sure if you would like this at all, we highly recommend that you consider having an Initial Experience. Please let us know and we will arrange for you to work with one of the farmers in our network.

Mario Yanez, Program Director















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